10 Top Affiliate Marketing Software Platforms To Maximize Sales In 2022

Peerclick monitors over 30 data criteria such as revenue, costs, and conversions. The affiliate panel, meanwhile, provides numerical statistics on offers, referrals, and commissions. Affiliate management is an ongoing process, as opposed to a one-time or quick event. You’ll need to tweak the program and implement changes whenever there’s room for improvement or enhancements. The ultimate goal is making sure the affiliate marketing program is working at its best.

Not only does it fit seamlessly into your WP dashboard, but it also integrates with all your favorite plugins. The best affiliate tracking software depends on what platform your website runs on and the integrations you use. If you’re going to invest in your affiliate marketing strategy, then you need to start with the right software. When you start doing your research you’ll https://xcritical.com/ find there’s a lot of affiliate marketing software out there. Rather than the customer saying “Dave referred me,” affiliate tracking software can see whether a customer or lead has come from an affiliate’s website. It makes it easy for brands to create one-click repeatable purchases, allowing them to provide monthly products without requiring manual monthly payments.

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Along with this, you will be able to see the details of all your affiliate partners. Using this system, you can implement team commissions, private campaigns for invited affiliates, and bonuses for top performers. Affiliates can be notified by email when significant milestones are reached, such as when one of their referrals joins your program or when they receive a commission.

what is affiliate management system

Affiliate marketing has been experiencing explosive growth in recent years, so it’s essential now more than ever for brands to run affiliate programs of their own. How many employees do you employ, and will you be the only one with access to the affiliate marketing management system or it will be used by your whole team? These are quite important questions, because not all software provides access to the merchant’s panel from several different accounts or IP addresses.

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Prices start from $47 upwards, depending on the number of affiliates and tracking requests you have. Whether you’re a small business getting started on your data journey or a global enterprise working with business-critical data, Supermetrics offers plans that meet all needs. Impact lets you track customer interactions across different devices.

what is affiliate management system

We will carefully watch each promotion and campaign you have in our affiliate program and note critical details that affect the results. You can find ouraffiliate managersataffiliate summitand all various industry events for our business development to consistently increase our database and workshop at how to best amplify your brand. Our affiliate agency offers a revenue sharing marketing program that surpasses industry standards and drives a successful and sustainable affiliate program. The software assists in ensuring compliance with region-specific regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation . Some affiliate tracking software solutions also offer promotional tools, such as shareable posts, custom banners, branded links, and social media plug-ins to help drive buyer engagement. Businesses have to handle several processes, such as tracking sales conversions, following up with leads, and managing commissions.

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SEO affiliate marketing involves choosing the right products and affiliate programs that attract the most search traffic and offer the best commissions. Unlike SaaS solutions, Affiliate Networks also take care of payments for you. Instead of paying individual affiliate partners, you deposit money into one account of yours on the network, and it’s the network that handles individual payments for you. In contrast with most software-as-a-service platforms , this part is much simpler on an affiliate network. An affiliate manager is a person who is responsible for managing your affiliate program from A to Z.

what is affiliate management system

Whatever the market conditions or current trends, you will always find Awesome Motive leading the way to help our customers gain competitive business advantage and stay ahead of the curve. For example, with AffiliateWP, all you have to do is download the plugin and run the setup wizard, and you can start tracking referrals in minutes. It couldn’t be easier – there’s no coding or technical knowledge required, and there’s no hassle at all. Ultimately, affiliate tracking is there to facilitate a rewards system. However, it doesn’t provide affiliate promotional tools like most other platforms, and pricing is on the steeper side at $279 a month for the Professional plan and $799 a month for the Enterprise plan.

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If you’re thinking of adding an affiliate program to your online store, you’re in the right place. Managing that affiliate team on your own can be a lot of work, however. You need to keep track of each affiliate and their sales and then pay their commission regularly after they start making sales. Different vendors offer different features as part of their affiliate solution.

  • Thanks to affiliate software, you won’t have to manage all the nuts and bolts of your program manually, which isn’t the best use of your time or resources.
  • These are priced $69/month for Essential, $149/month for Pro, and the Enterprise plan requires you to get a custom quote.
  • We integrate much of what we learn into our general affiliate marketing program.
  • Now that you know why software is needed for the best affiliate program management, and how to select the one that fits your needs, it’s time to dive into what exactly affiliate management entails.
  • It involves brands hiring affiliates to promote their products and services and rewarding them with a commission from every sale.
  • This significantly reduces the cost as you pay only for the platform and the number of affiliates you work with.

The software is easy to use and offers many features to track and manage your affiliates. A significant advantage of Tapfiliate is its ease of setup and the fact that it integrates with more than 30 e-commerce and digital marketing platforms. It only takes a few minutes to incorporate the affiliate marketing program with your website, and you can start inviting affiliates. This is another area where paid affiliate tracking software tends to stand out from the free options. Your time is valuable, and while your affiliate program shouldn’t require too much upkeep, it does need some work.

How Does Affiliate Management Work?

Get ready to take your fleet operations to the next level with a well-executed multi-point inspection process. Customizable platform enables users to match the software to the brand colors and design. Create customized affiliate management system data overviews using advanced filtering and visualization options to streamline your marketing efforts. A great place to start is reaching out to affiliates down in clicks and revenue year or year.


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